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General Legal Services in Ajax — Providing Added Value to our Clients

At Mathews Professional Corporation Law Office, our office can assist you with general legal advice in Ajax, as well as other legal services, such as notary and commissioning services and contract drafting and review.

Other services

Notary & Commissioning Services

Our office provides notary and commissioning services to our clients. If you have a travel consent letter, a passport application, or any other document that you need a notary or commissioner to sign, we can provide that service.

Other services

Independent Legal Advice

Our office can provide independent legal advice regarding a separation agreement, pre-nuptial agreement, or any other domestic contract. Our office can also provide independent legal advice on real estate documents, including mortgages. We will meet with you to review the documents and advise you about your rights and obligations.

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For professional legal advice, call us today at 905-420-5995.

Our law office is located in Ajax; we serve the surrounding communities with reliable legal advice. Book an appointment today to discuss your legal needs with us at 905‑420‑5995.

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